Supporting for Wills for Heroes, with Rachel Howland of Milwaukee

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is a proud and active supporter of the Wills for Heroes nonprofit organization. The Wills for Heroes organization supports first responders with a vast array of legal assistance, including will creation and power of attorney.

The Wills for Heroes programs are offered to those in every pay-grade of the first responder vocation. There are numerous reasons why the Wills for Heroes programs are important for individual first responders as well as their families.
Supporting for Wills for Heroes
Supporting charitable organizations is a long held belief of Rachel Howland of Milwaukee. She believes that to do unto others as you would have them do unto you is not only a truth to live by in one’s personal life, but also a vital notion for society as a whole.

The work being done by the Wills for Heroes nonprofit organization is a great example of how those who support a good cause can come together and do good.

The variety of services offered by Wills for Heroes includes more than just wills, living wills, and power of attorney, but also legal advice and support for individuals and families of first responders.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee believes that the types of charities that are often overlooked are those that help people who are seldom viewed as in need of support. Especially charities that support those whom we call on as citizens to support us in times of need. First responders such as firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and others, are among the various professionals that Wills for Heroes supports.


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