Rachel Howland of Milwaukee – Volunteering with Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal offers a vast array of services for numerous cross-sections of society, in and out of the GLBTQ communities, that aim towards ensuring the civil rights of people everywhere.

A politically active nonprofit organization, Lambda Legal caters to not only individuals in need of legal assistance in the areas of civil rights, but with major, often national, politically charged issues.

Rachel Howland Milwaukee
Rachel Howland Milwaukee

Lambda Legal boasts an outstanding record of providing top-quality legal services to individuals and communities in the arena of lesbian, gay, and HIV/AIDS rights. The march towards equality, fairness, justice and overall liberty in the lesbian, gay, and HIV-positive communities Lambda Legal serves has been, and still is, a hard fought one.

When it comes to volunteering, there are certain principles that Rachel Howland of Milwaukee believes should always remain at the forefront of both individual benefactors of nonprofits, as well as nonprofits as a whole.

Tips from Rachel Howland of Milwaukee:

  • Generate positive momentum for the cause. Initiate your volunteerism with Lambda Legal or another charitable organization with sincere positive energy. By doing so, you’ll not only be more equipped to serve those whom the nonprofit caters to, but also be a better advocate for the organization overall.
  • Develop relationships. From the top down, relationships with clients as well as administrators in not-for-profit organizations are the cornerstone of successfully contributing to the overall goals of the group at large. Lambda Legal prides itself on its strong relationships with both individuals and under-served communities.

For more information about Lambda Legal, visit LambdaLegal.org.



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