Rachel Howland of Milwaukee – Softball Skills

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is a compassionate individual and has made a career out of assisting adults and children with developmental disabilities live better lives. Through her work as an occupational therapist, she has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of patients in the Chicago area. Many times, the nature of her work entails working from the homes of patients. Since she is an independent contractor, she often determines her schedule. While work takes up most of her days, she does make time for recreational activity, specifically playing softball courtesy of the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association (CMSA).

Rachel Howland Milwaukee
Rachel Howland Milwaukee

CMSA is the largest not-for-profit gay and lesbian sports association in the region. The organization has negotiated talks with the city authorities to make use of various sports facilities and parks for its members, whose number is in the hundreds. As a member herself, Rachel Howland of Milwaukee looks forward to participating in the softball league, where she gets to compete against friends and expand her social circle.

Over the years, Rachel Howland of Milwaukee has gotten better at playing softball, and this she credits from the basic skills of catching, throwing, hitting and fielding that she has learned. She appreciates that the game is not complex, but it does require players to dedicate time to learning the right techniques and skills. With time, she has grown confident in her ability to catch and throw the ball with precision and quickness. Her hitting skills are on par as well, thanks to her dedication to improving her hand-eye coordination and reflexes.


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