Rachel Howland of Milwaukee: Yoga and Fitness Enthusiast

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is an advocate for those who often go unheard. She is a voice for people deprived of their civil rights and who need help fighting the battle against oppression. She is especially committed to supporting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community within Chicago, Illinois, her current home town. However, Rachel Howland doesn’t just serve within the philanthropic realm; she has made a career out of helping people in desperate need of care. She is an Occupational Therapist for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Helping people who have developmental disabilities is especially fulfilling for Rachel; she derives an immense amount of satisfaction simply making the lives of these individuals easier. Her responsibilities include helping them dress, shower, show up on time to doctors appointments, and essentially anything that can help them make it through the day a little bit better. However, it’s not just what she does that gives her satisfaction, but the freedom that the job itself provides. Being independent, she is able to travel and work from anywhere in the country as she often works within the homes of her clients.


Rachel Howland of Milwaukee thoroughly enjoys her current field of work. As an Occupational Therapist for people who are developmentally delayed, she is able to enjoy the freedom most people in her position wouldn’t usually have. Being able to work for who, when, and where she wants, Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is able to enjoy her passion for fitness and sports. She is an avid yoga practitioner who has been practicing various styles since college. She also participates in the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association Softball league.


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